Saturday, 30 May 2015

40 isn't old if you're a tree

Just got back from styling a shoot, I had to wake up at 6am so it was v tiring but looked amazing, and was shot on film by Olivia Mroz. I am still obsessed with this red fur and am glad to say it made it into the shoot.

Probably not the strongest look but the best photo I had...

Friday, 29 May 2015

Wool Baby

Its the final week of uni, I am v stressed, and just spent a ridiculous amount of money on fabric. Here is my outfit.

 Dress: thrifted, Jacket: vintage, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbel, Shirt: self made (i've got a couple atm if anyone wants to buy one? Glasses: retro star

Virgin Mary and Child (2015)

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Dark Brows Dark Eyes Dark Lips Makeup Tutorial

I had a few people on tumblr ask me how to do a tutorial for this makeup.
Its super easy and works if you're not v neat with makeup. Looks good to wear out then get the tram home the next day and you're still wearing it in a hungover chic way. Endless possibilities.
You need literally any brown eyeshadow in 2 different shades, black eyeshadow, a bigger brush (or a finger), and eyebrow brush, mascara, and dark lipstick if ya want it.

 Fresh clean face!
Put on yer foundation (or don't)
I used the middle & left shade, so find something similar to that.
Starting with the lighter one cover your lids and a lil under the eye too.

 Then get the darker shade and just rub in a little on the outer corners of your eyes.
 Next use the eyebrow brush and black eyeshadow to line your eyes, going all the way around and into the corner. Could probably use eyeliner but I lost my sharpener..

 Blend it out using the first brush
Blend blend blend
I curl my eyelashes and put on mascara, then do it again when they are dry.
I love a lil bit of spider lash tbh
Fill in your brows if u want 2

 I used La Splash Lip Couture in Vampire.

Go take some selfies.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Need More Silver

I've been pretty busy with uni lately, and the photos of what I have done is trapped inside the undeveloped film on my camera. Here is todays look anyway, I got these gorgeous bangles from india pretty cheap off ebay and I love the stacked silver look.

They are way too big for me and try to slip off my wrists any chance they get, while making really loud noises every time i move my wrists...

Vintage Vivienne Westwood stolen from my mum
leather choker from a Wallsend opshop (possibly a boot strap)
various necklaces mostly from ebay & gifts

I've been asked to do a makeup tutorial for this look too, so if anyone is interested let me know..

Saturday, 16 May 2015


 Lygon st

Backstage at Gizzfest 

 Car details

I found a pair of 80s heels that were made out of the same fabric as this 80s dress, from 2 different second hand shops. This is a miracle. Thank you jesus.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

14 may

We got rained on taking these photos so appreciate them.

These shoes are a little bit small for me but cute as hell so I bear the pain... 

Real fur stole