Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mystery Photos

I'm going to try and post on this blog more regularly (I never really know what to write so it will probably be mostly photos). I finished a disposable camera the other day half full with mystery photos, which turned out to be from a few months ago in Newcastle.

Second hand sex toys

The second half of the camera was from a gig/party that I didn't really remember either so it all turned out to be a surprise..

Here are some of the furniture in our new house, since then we've got some green velvet couches to go with our green grassy rug.

 Free chair

Listening to the Gooch Palms in an empty house


Made some new octopus earrings today, so excited by how big and glittery they are!

I moved house last week too, our place is perfect and has good selfie lighting but not much furniture

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Squids Everywhere

There are currently squids all over my apartment waiting to be turned into earrings and flown across the world, which is super exciting that things I've made are going to be worn by so many different people. Get them here

I ran out of my usual packaging too so they are all getting hand drawn labels