Monday, 3 November 2014

Glitter Brows

Since this photoset started going around tumblr I've been getting messages about how to do glitterbrows, so I'm finally making a tutorial. I've seen other people's how to glitter brow but my way is the best for if you only have 1 brush and want to spend under $10, bargain glitter brows for people who aren't very good at makeup.
Most of the photos are a lil bit out of focus sorry..

I use Snazaroo glitter gel, which you can get from eckersley's or find on ebay for like $8 in loads of different colours. Just use any eyebrow brush mine isn't even for eyebrows it might get glitter stuck in it so don't use ur fave

My glitter has dried out a bit so it didn't stick as well as it usually does, but you pretty much just scoop up some gel and paint it on your eyebrows, mine are pretty dark and it covers them up completely.
 You'll need to do a few layers of glitter to reach the full glitter brow potential
If you go over your desired eyebrow shape just scape off any excess with your fingernail
 Mine are a bit uneven but no one will notice because they look so sparkly 
I definitely want to see any attempts inspired by this so tag #punkpuke or #makemeloco

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